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Once upon a time, there was a 21-year-old girl with a contagious smile who believed in a better future for all children and young people, regardless of their social condition.


She lived in the present but never stopped dreaming about the future. She loved reading and always paid attention to additional training opportunities. From the age of 13, she lived in the Mamã Muxima Shelter Center.

Through her merit and with the support of some people, she successfully overcame the obstacles imposed by her social condition. On May 13, 2022, Ermelinda's dreams were interrupted.

At the age of 21, she lost her life... we believe due to lack of support and solidarity... we believe that Ermelinda's lifeline could have been longer...

At 21 years old, she left behind 3 sisters, 1 brother, and a huge void among family and friends.

We intend to bring Ermelinda's Dreams to life with this scholarship created in her honor. In this way, we believe that Ermelinda's legacy will live on and transform lives through the Ermelinda Scholarship.

Join us, and become one of us!

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Ermelinda Scholarship

The Ermelinda Scholarship was created through a collaboration between the Female Leadership in Angola, Espaço Lótus, and Big Muxima Organization, to benefit adolescent students from shelter centers in high school and/or university education.

In times of pandemic, economic crisis, and high unemployment in the country, obtaining a scholarship brings great relief to the guardians of these adolescents. The scholarship allows students, especially those from low-income families, to continue their studies.

1 - Who wants to help plant the seeds of the future?
2 - Who wants to help with a monthly scholarship?
3 - Who wants to be part of this initiative?


Who is eligible for Ermelinda Scholarship?


  1. 9th grade completed

  2. For those living in foster homes (mostly girls)

  3. Ex. residents of foster homes with a family income equal to or below the minimum wage

  4. Exceptional behavior both inside and outside the home (as verified by guardians)

  5. Committed to their studies in pursuit of the best results

  6. Willingness to help others through volunteering

  7. Accepting and fulfilling the terms of the scholarship agreement

The Ermelinda Scholarship by numbers

Ano lectivo 2023/2024


30 scholarships

30 young teenagers were selected within the established criteria and received the Ermelinda Scholarship, which gives them the possibility to continue their studies


11 scholarships

11 young teenagers are still residents of the Mamã Muxima Shelter in Praia do Bispo and other residency schemes

Image by Tony Hand

3 Partner Organizations

Big Muxima, Espaço Lótus and Female Leadership in Angola


16 High School

12 scholarship holders from the 2022/2023 academic year plus 4 for this year in the 10th, 11th and 12th in high school. Nursing, Clinical Analysis, Stomatology, Accounting, IT, Business Management, IT


19 Bolseiras

19 young teenagers are ex. residents of the Mamã Muxima Shelter Center in Praia do Bispo and other resodency schemes


7 Collaborators

7 colaborators strongly engaged in strategy, analysis, planning and execution.


14 of University Education

14 university scholarship holders, mostly ex. residents of  shelter centers had their studies compromised due to financial incapacity.


36 Benefactors

36 is the number of benefactors we have who guarantee the monthly payment of tuition fees, some even offer ongoing mentoringnaive


4 Cities

We are already in 4 Cities

Luanda - 19 scholarship holders

Huambo - 9 scholarship holders

Benguela - 1 scholarship holder

Uíge - 1 scholarship holder


2 Finalists

We have two scholarship students on their way to graduation
Julieta Lado- Portuguese Language and Communication
Rosalina Ulika - Business Communication and Languages

Smiling Girl


It is that person who does good,  performs good deeds, and acts in favor of someone


Do you want to be a Supporter of the Ermelinda Scholarship?


What you need to know:

  1. Genuine desire to help

  2. Ability to pay 1 or more fees to ensure 1 academic year or more (Enrollment, registration, and monthly fees)

  3. The Ermelinda Scholarship is not just about paying tuition fees, there is monitoring that includes:

    • Explanations of some subjects

    • Support scholarship holders in study groups (space with computer and Internet for research)

    • Organize Team Buildings (Develop other skills)

    • Support visits to exhibitions of painting, theater, dance, cinema, and other arts on display

    • Moral support, ongoing mentoring

    • Psychological support

    • Support with school supplies

    • Financial support for school meals

    • Financial support for transport

    • Support with professional internships

  4. We have supporters who only ensure the payment of tuition fees.

  5. We have supporters who ensure tuition payments but also want to accompany the scholarship beneficiaries (mentoring).

  6. We have supporters who cannot guarantee the payment of tuition fees but want to donate an amount that can be used to support school supplies, school meals, transport, and other costs.

  7. We have supporters who do not have financial resources but are willing to donate time to provide closer monitoring, guidance, moral support, and psychological support.

  8. Believing that by offering 1 Ermelinda Scholarship, you will be planting a seed for the future

  9. The scholarships are exclusively for young people from foster homes (Residents and/or former Residents)

  10. Leadership Feminine in Angola, Espaço Lótus, and Big Muxima will bridge the gap between supporters and students until the completion of their scholarship and, when possible, integration into active life through employment or professional internships. 

For more information 

Holding Hands

I want to become a supporter


All data filled in on our forms or websites will be kept confidential and used only for the purpose that motivated the registration, according to Purpose and Necessity.

We appreciate your interest.

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Muxima means Heart in Kimbundo which is one of the Bantu Language spoken in some regions in Angola
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