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What we do

We educate for entrepreneurship - for citizenship - for life

  • We plant the future in the past

we will water in the present with education, professional training, fertilize with love, dedication, prune with patience and reap the rewards with excellence.​


  • We develop creative ideas

with the participation of young people, we transform ideas into products, invest in quality, create a market for sale and distribution, generating income for orphanages.

  • We create bridges

among young people and potential national and international partners, we seek to create a relationship of trust so that projects can be born, get off the ground, be financed, monitored from start to finish, and become a reality. The final product can generate sales revenue and any profit should be used to reinvest in new projects.

  • We organize meetings

for exchanging experiences, debates developing the habit of sharing opinions, learning to listen and respect other opinions.

  • We are looking for partners

national and international to finance short-medium term training programs for all young people, with priority for orphanages, which face the first challenge in the labor market.

  • We ask for support

to national partners (companies) within their social responsibility programs, create the internship opportunity for young people, face the first job opportunity, prioritizing young people in orphanages, with good performance in high school or university and excellent behavior within institutions where they live.

  • We bet because we believe

strongly in the education of the new generation, planting a new awareness of a new citizen, respecting moral and civic principles, respecting the symbols of the nation, respecting and loving others. Education programs, as well as trainers, will be strongly determined for the success of the youth.

  • We promote

the interest in theater, dance, and all other forms of art to promote social well-being, sharing, communication, and especially the network of contacts that are created.

  • We cultivate well-being

We create partnerships with Zumba Fitness groups as well as other physical activities to generate the habit of practicing sports. Sport is a powerful social tool that brings together people from different ethnic, cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds, it also plays an important role in improving physical and mental health and promoting active citizenship and social inclusion. It is a good starting point for promoting skills-based education for healthy living and lifestyles.

  • We promote exchange

with young people from various countries, through specific programs carried out in orphanages or virtually using social networks. Living with different cultures has a direct impact on the way we socialize with others, on how we evaluate others, and how we are perceived in society. Young people learn to truly respect differences and to understand that their opinions and thoughts are not the only correct and valid ones. Opening their eyes to another reality makes them rethink their own concepts. The worldview changes and, little by little, they start to see their own roots and traditions differently.

  • We protect the environment

We develop educational programs so that young people can learn and apply the importance of preserving the environment on a daily basis. Preserving the environment is an important act not only for humanity but for all beings that inhabit the Earth. After all, it is there that are the natural resources necessary for our survival, such as water, food, and raw materials. Without these resources, all forms of life on the planet could end. We teach that everything can start in the environment where they live.

  • We invest in preventive health

We develop educational programs in collaboration with health professionals to teach young people and youth that diseases can be reduced if we learn to prevent them. We all know that it is painful to have to fight some disease that weakens our disposition and robs us of quality of life. Therefore, there are numerous ways to train the youngest who will be the guardians of the youngest on how to prevent diseases, starting with personal hygiene, healthy eating, physical exercise, etc. By creating an environment of knowledge and good habits, we are able to create defence mechanisms.

  • We make decisions with more real data

We have created a database that will allow us to store important data from all orphanages and reception centers in Luanda and gradually in the rest of the country so that we can consult and update whenever necessary. For this organization to make decisions and set strategic objectives, it needs to have access to data such as the number of children and adolescents that exist, ages, gender, place of birth and other important data, more quickly. Our database is a digital tool that helps our internal organization, keeps our relationship with our target audience active, will help define the direction of our organization.

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Muxima means Heart in Kimbundo which is one of the Bantu Language spoken in some regions in Angola
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