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Big Muxima wants to create the environmental awareness, building a connection, and changing the perceptions youth has on the environment. They are the leaders of tomorrow, so it is our responsibility as citizens, to provide them with educational experiences, for them to make knowledgeable decisions regarding the environment. Ecological education is one of the most important factors for preventing environmental problems. We shouldn’t make them eco-friendly experts only; we should also develop a connection to the environment.

Again, this is all possible through education, we can liaise with the Angolan environmental authorities, aligning programs and campaigns with some organizations around the world such us UNESCO Green Citizens, and many others and apply the theory to our daily routine practice

Climate Action - SDG 13
  • Recycling, reusing (mainly plastic) and not wasting resources

  • Planting and preserving trees in the community, city and for the rest of the country, national campaign

  • Big Muxima will use the youth in orphanages to research, design, raise funds and propose the Angolan environmental authorities in partnership with some organisations and companies, the construction of the first Botanical garden in Angola.

  • Promote innovative ideas to transform plastic, glass and other type of waste into something reusable

  • Work with Angolan authorities to reinforce and Increased Corporate Responsibility

  • Promote a campaign “from paper to digital”

  • This list of initiatives will not stop here

Life Beloww Water - SDG 14
Life On Land - SDG 15
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Muxima means Heart in Kimbundo which is one of the Bantu Language spoken in some regions in Angola
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