Ondjila means Walk in Umbundo - Umbundu is a Bantu language spoken in Angola by about 23% of the population.

ONDJILA is a Mentoring Programme with a focus on young women aged between 19-23 years old, who are still in care homes or foster homes. It is a pilot program with the aim of developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills in acquiring specific knowledge within these areas. Empowering young women, teaching them the skills that will help them to know who they are and how to express their full potential, in order to enable them to create a change in the world, thinking about TODAY, thinking about Angola, but projecting tomorrow, the future.


We started with 7 young Women and 7 mentors with high professional experience.
In a program that was supposed to last 7 months, we were faced with the need to extend it. A first walk has already taken place, but it is important and urgent to continue so that they can learn and put into practice the knowledge acquired.


This is a Liderança Feminina em Angola Project in collaboration with the Big Muxima organisation.

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