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Environmental Education

Planting some trees and cleaning a beach

On the 30th of March, it was the turn of the Orphanage Mamã Muxima to receive Matic & Carmem from Slovenia for another visit with the girls and teenagers of the Orphanage. This meeting had the special collaboration of Rodrigo Guimarães, Gisela Gonçalves, and Iveth Pacheco.


The meeting was:

  • To talk about the importance of the environment

  • To get to know the children and teenagers from the orphanage, to create bonds for future interactions

  • To plant trees in the orphanage, to choose names for trees to create stronger bonds for the protection of trees and all green spaces

  • Then they went on with the teenagers to collect plastic litter on one of the nearby beaches, leaving an alert regarding the pollution risks for the planet.

  • The teenagers from Mamã Muxima Orphanage were very touched and promised to do these activities more often.

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Muxima means Heart in Kimbundo which is one of the Bantu Language spoken in some regions in Angola
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